Hello there everyone! What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? There are times that we wake up late. And I mean really late to groom ourselves. No taking shower. No putting on make ups. And most especially, NOT BEING ABLE TO DO OUR HAIR! NO! For us women, hairstyle is everything. Even if we are just gonna stay in the house for the whole day, we want our hairs done in a way that we feel comfortable and pretty. What more to working women?
2015 hair trends the half bun 3
So here is a 3 minute simple and easy but cute hairstyle which will help your problem when your running late to the office or to your scheduled affairs for the day but still looking cute and elegant. Let’s call this hairstyle, “Elegant Messy Hair Buns”.
First, comb your hair with a hairbrush. Make sure the comb’s teeth are a little bit far from each other so as not to ruin the natural curl look of the hair created when you slept. Don’t comb too much. Just brush your hair to untangle the ends. Using your brush, divide your hair equally in the middle. Then, comb your hair with your fingers to give it a natural look.
Second,separate a part of your front hair or the ones we call “BANGS”. Then take the rest of the hair and separate a small amount of hair at the lower part and tie it up in to a bun with a skin toned rubber band or whatever color is the same with your hair color so as not to be visible to the naked eye for it will ruin the hairstyle. Do the same with the lower part of the hair.Tie it up into a bun and use a hair pin to put the stubborn hairs in place.Make sure that you didn’t tied up your hair to much. To make the hairstyle beautiful and effective is to make sure that its been tied up in a loose and relaxed hair bum Check your hair if there are parts wherein the volume and texture is not enough or no volume and poor texture at all so you can retouch it by using your fingers to pull out some strands of hair or loosen some parts of the hair to equalize the volume and texture of the hairstyle.
Last of all, put some hairspray to make sure everything stays intact for the whole day and “VOILA!” your up to go to work.
messy loop bun collage hairstyles