Coffee Stain Removal On Cotton Dress

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Coffee stain could be a challenge to remove from a dress. However, it is easy and fast to carry out this activity if the right procedure is followed.

Here are some possible steps that can be followed to remove stains from dress.

1.Using hydrogen peroxide.
Rub hydrogen peroxide on the stain using a towel or any other piece of fabric of your choice. Leave it for about thirty seconds and rinse with cold water. Do not use hot water because hot water may spread the stain.

2.Using baking soda.
You can remove the stain by sprinkling some baking soda on the stain and then rub with a clean piece of cloth. Rinse afterwards and let it dry in the sun.aid1695400 728px Remove a Coffee Stain from a Co

3.Removing the stain by exposing it to the sun.
Soak the dress fabric in the water and lay it over a clean towel in direct sun. Leave it in the sun for two to three days.

4.Rinsing the dress fabric completely and washing.
Rinse the stained fabric with water and rinse it completely then dry it in the sun. This should be done using cold water in both cases. Make sure not to dry it in the clothes dryer or by ironing because this can make the stains stick more and make them permanent.

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