Choose the perfect Little Black Dress to suit your figure

Little-Black-Dresses-For-Your-Body-Type-The-Best-LBD-For-Your-ShapeThe “Little Black Dress” is definitely an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Sexy and flexible, it is perfect for any occasion, be it a daytime outing or an evening party. But it is very important to choose a little black dress that is suitable for your figure. A simple misfit in choice can make your outing a disastrous one. In order to choose the most appropriate little black dress for you to wear, you will have to first determine your body shape. Here are a helpful few tips:


  • If you have small shoulders and broader hips, this is usually called “Pear shape” or “A body type”. To avoid emphasizes on the lower part of your body, steer clear of straight dresses that tend to mark the outline of hips. Swing or trapeze dresses are more suited for this body type. Halter dresses will also help to seemingly decrease the size of your hips.
  • If you have a similar sized shoulder and hips, this is called “H body type”. Best suited are fluid dresses that enhance the shape of your body.
  • If you have broader shoulders and relatively small hips, it is known as “V body type”. For this shape, it is essential to remove the focus to your shoulders. Pick out a non-collared dress. Try and avoid big neckwear – opt for a simple long chain instead.
  • If you are “O body type”, it is necessary to keep the focus on the upper part of your body. Plunging neck-lined fluid dress with neck accessories will suit you best. However tempting the latest trend may be – stay away from pleated, patterned or even too short black dresses. A three-fourth length jacket often helps to compliment your figure.
  • If you are bosomy, preferably choose dresses that are square or open necked. Definitely avoid strapless dresses as these will have a tendency to compress your breasts — highlighting these assets in a subtle and decent way can be very flattering.
  • If you are rather petite, a simple elongated sheath type dress will give you a slimmer look. A little black dress that sits just above your knees will give the impression of nice long legs.

sequenced little black dress

In general, if you feel that you are not blessed with a pair of beautifully long legs, then best to avoid very short black dresses. Knee-length or just below the knee will be perfect for you. Slim waists can be accessorized with large or broad belts. If you have chosen a sequenced little black dress, then lay off on the jewelry — simplicity is best. Shoes also help to accentuate your little black dress. Besides the traditional choice of black, select a pair of red shoes or even nude shoes / pumps. Depending on the occasion, a dash of red lipstick can help finish your look.