Colored Hair Extensions Are Amazing And You Should Be Using Them

Colored hair extensions are a great way to add some extra pop to your everyday hair. They are a great alternative to dying your hair if you don’t want to commit to one color for a long period of time. Using hair extensions gives you the freedom to changing your hair color as often as you like. They can also give your cosplay or costume an extra boost. However you certainly don’t need special reason for using hair extensions. You can just use them to add an extra kick to your hairstyle.
color body waveOne of the best things about colored hair extensions is the wide color and variety they can be found in. They come in vibrant funky colors, soft pretty pastels and even basic primary colors. Some extensions even glow in the dark! Certain colored hair extensions come with feathers or beads for extra flair. Colored hair extensions are extremely easy to find as any local Target or Walmart carry them in the beauty supply section. They are also available at select drugstores and most Dollar Trees. If you are looking for higher quality hair extensions you should visit a beauty store such as Sally Beauty Supply or your local beauty parlor. Some beauty parlors will even put them in for a small fee.

color hair extensionsColored hair extensions range widely in price. Cheaper hair extensions start at a $1 while the more expensive ones are $25 or higher. If you are feeling brave you may want to DIY your own hair extensions. Many online tutorials are available to help you attempt to make your own. The most common kind of colored hair extensions are clip ins. They are very easy to use and put in. Some hair extensions however need to be glued in. Another version of hair extensions use a clear headband to secure the colored hair. Many different material are used to make hair extensions, Hair extensions made with natural hair always look the most natural but they can be quite pricey. Synthetic extensions are another version you may want to look into. They are usually not as expensive as human hair extensions but they still look very nice. Try different brands and types of hair extensions and figure out what you like the best.straight color hairOnce you have purchased and put your colored hair extensions in the possibilities are endless. You can leave your hair extension as they are or you may wish to use them to make a colored braid. Some people even braid them in with their natural hair to create a cool multicolored braid. You can use heat styling tools on certain types of colored hair extensions. Before using heat styling tools on your extensions make sure that it is ok to use the heat styling tools on them. Some extensions are made of materials that will become damaged quickly if heat is applied. Don’t worry about making a fancy hairstyle. The hair extensions will look fabulous no matter what. Go rock your new colored hair extensions and look fierce! Remember confidence is the key!